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Library Spaces

Libraries aren't just for quiet research and study. Roesch Library has spaces for academic programs, cultural events, art exhibits, media production, creative expression and dialogue. And ... snacks. 

  • Collab: This classroom and event space (Room 240) contains collapsible round tables and seating. It’s open for drop-in use when not scheduled. To book a library instruction, fill out the online form. To book the space for use after 4:30 p.m., contact Heidi Gauder.
  • Concourse D: This project development studio on the second-floor mezzanine is for students, faculty and university affiliates to connect, collaborate and create. For fall semester the area is temporarily refurbished to accommodate individual study; reservations are not necessary. 
  • Dialogue Zone: This innovative meeting space in the center of the first floor is designed to facilitate civil, productive discourse on sensitive or challenging issues. For information, contact the Dialogue Zone coordinator.
  • Gallery: This exhibit space is just inside the main entrance. Call 937-229-4094 for more information or see our events and exhibits website.
  • Gathering Place: This flexible space in the south section of the second floor has audio-visual capabilities for lectures, receptions and other events for large groups. For fall semester, this area is reserved as a classroom. Contact the dean’s office at 937-229-4094 for more information.
  • Hello Desk: Stop by this desk in the lobby to check out reserved books or to ask for directions.
  • Information Point: At this desk in the center of the first floor, patrons can ask for assistance. Hours are available on the Libraries website.
  • Lactation space: For card access to this private space in the center of the first floor, see the Women’s Center website or visit Information Point.
  • Story Studio: This multimedia studio between Concourse D and the north stairwell on the second floor provides technology for recording and editing audio and video content. For information or to schedule the space, see 
  • Scholars’ Commons:  Faculty and doctoral students can use this card-accessible space (Room 245) for research conversations, peer feedback, seminars, workshops and consultation. It’s open as available but can be booked in advance. Email the Scholars' Commons coordinator.
  • Refuel Zone: On the first floor near the west stairwell, vending machines are available with snacks, beverages and school supplies. The space also has a microwave oven and a sink.
  • Study spaces: Roesch Library has study spaces of varying sizes and sound levels. Study rooms, team rooms and huddle rooms can be reserved online. The Collab, the Dialogue Zone and other spaces are available for study when not reserved. 
  • Zen Den: This semi-enclosed dome, typically on the west end of the fifth floor, uses plants, subtle lighting and soft surfaces to create a quiet, meditative space. For fall semester, the Zen Den was removed to provide more seating.

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